The Mondi Group was acquired by American Color Labs

Transaction Description

This company is a locally-owned full-service Digital Imaging and Large Format printing operation, which services advertising agencies, graphic designers, large corporations, small business owners and government agencies. This business is located in a leased Business Park with 7500 square feet of facility where its dedicated, knowledgeable, customer-focused professionals maintain its reputation for quality and quick turnaround.
It is located in one of the fastest growing geographical regions in the United States. Its unique niche provides a competitive advantage over the small local printers as well as the franchised print companies.

Transaction Details

American Color Labs

Deal Value $2,500,000
Austin, Texas

The Mondi Group

Mid Western United States

Transaction Overview


Aligning the Sellers and Buyer on terms of the value and purchase of the AR took some effort. Each party had a different perspective of the amount of the AR that should be included in the purchase price vs the amount that should be retained by the sellers. Both parties eventually agreed on a mutually beneficial solution.



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