In 2015 Daren Henson founded Henson Patriot M & A as a DBA of Henson Patriot Limited. Having achieved early success using his knowledge of business management and helping to educate clients through the transaction process, Daren asked Bernie Wilimitis, a long-time colleague, to join him as a partner. From this partnership Patriot Mergers and Acquisitions was formed. Bernie brought a similar background of experience in business management and business ownership as Daren, and shared very similar business ethics and drive to achieve results.

Daren and Bernie have been colleagues for over 25 years as they navigated through the Fortune 100 corporate structure, through technology company start-ups, and through business procurement, ownership, and sale. All the while maintaining regular communications, sharing advice, and supporting each other in their efforts.

Daren served in the United States Army for 7 years as an Airborne Ranger and received accommodations for combat operations in Panama and Iraq.

Bernie served in the United States Army National Guard for 8 years as an anti-tank missile squad leader.

Now after 2 decades of experience and education, Daren and Bernie are partnered together to help business owners navigate the sale of their business and to help business buyers achieve their goal of business ownership.