Private Investor was acquired by Henderson Fabrication, Inc

Transaction Description

Privately owned, 30+ year-old structural steel fabrication company servicing Houston and surrounding areas for industrial and commercial construction customers.

Transaction Details

Henderson Fabrication, Inc

Deal Value $5,000,000
Houston, Texas

Private Investor

Houston, Texas

Transaction Overview

Structured as an Asset Sale with SBA-backed lender financing.


Steel price increases caused a slowdown in already booked project start dates. Bookings were good, but steel supply and steel pricing caused architects to develop work arounds which further pushed out start dates. This affected working capital projections and short term proforma.


Outlook for 2022 was strong with booked projects and the number of estimates being approved. Steel supply was still a concern for working capital. Some Seller financing was involved and the established long-term relationships with the Seller’s bank helped to support Buyer’s needs for working capital.


This listing was sent to this Buyer without ever being posted online. Buyer engaged right away and executed. We had worked with this Buyer previously on another one of our listings and knew he had an interest in the steel fabrication industry.

We notify our registered Buyers of our new listings prior to posting them online. Many of our listings will be under contract with a Buyer without posting online.

Client Testimonial

"I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work, guidance, expertise, and integrity that you have shown throughout this process. I am sure that you realize that Theresa and I could not have executed this sale without your assistance and dedication.
And we cannot possibly envision walking through this adventure with anyone other than you two. You have made this process enjoyable for both of us and we are going to be saddened to see our association come to an end.
I want both of you to know that we wish you great success in your future and hope that our God continues to bless you and bless others through your professional careers.
God Bless Both of You,"

"Thank you for being you and doing what you do. I can"t express how your guidance, knowledge and wisdom made this endeavor so much easier. You have been a comfort and strong wise voice through it all. I know that's from God, and I give Him the glory, as I know you do!"

Lloyd and Theresa Henderson