Patriot Mergers and Acquisitions was acquired by Evridges Furniture Center

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Evridges Furniture Center

Central Texas

Patriot Mergers and Acquisitions


Transaction Overview

When faced with the decisions of whether to grow, sale or simply close their family owned furniture store; the owners selected Patriot M&A to help with a course of action. Having reviewed the store, its financials, operating methods and Assets. The team at Patriot M&A determined the best course of action would be to keep the business in the family and to reduce the overhead cost related to significant climate controlled showroom space. The extra buildings were not warranted based on the revenue generated per square foot. Following the advice of the Patriot Team, the owners converted a significant portion of their excess showroom to unconditioned warehouse space, saving the company a great deal of expense, while not impacting sales.




Client Testimonial

Grant Evridge