Midwest Capital Investment Firm was acquired by Apache Stone Company

Transaction Description

Apache Stone Quarry, LLC operates a 300+ acre dimensional stone and limestone quarry in one of the best limestone veins in the State of Texas*. In addition to the owned 300+ acre property, the company mines sandstone products from a royalty based operation. The company provides a wide variety of desirable stone products to building material suppliers, home builders and landscape yards. Well positioned in the Central Texas Corridor between Dallas and San Antonio Texas, it serves the greater local market from Dallas to Houston and points in between. In addition, it also provides products to building material suppliers in California. In an effort to diversify its revenue source; the company also operates three subsidiary businesses that provide consumer based products, installations and boutique stone veneers.

Transaction Details

Apache Stone Company

Deal Value $8,500,000
Bell County Texas

Midwest Capital Investment Firm

Chicago Illinois

Transaction Overview

Purchaser Acquired 100% ownership in the operations and Assets.


Funding was difficult due to the size of the deal. In addition, the Seller’s had very different ideas on selling the business, often times these ideas were in direct conflict. At several points during the two and a half year relationship; the Sellers were not opening communicating to each other, which made it difficult to achieve a consensus on direction and deal acceptance. This caused several Buyers frustration and at times they became agitated.


With a focus on resolving the interpersonal communications between the two Sellers while also keeping open communications with the Buyers, we were able reach a deal that worked out for both Sellers. The Sellers received a personalized payout structure that provide each liquidity and also an employment and consulting contract that made the other partner feel valued.


This deal was particularly meaningful to our firm. Having multiple Buyers and having revived the deal several times after both Buyer and Seller had concluded a deal was not to happen made this deal on of our most memorable. It also reinforced that if we put the emotions aside, treat each party with respect and never give up — good things will happen.

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