About Us.

Patriot began as a business holding company with the goal of purchasing small to medium sized businesses, improving performance and increasing value.  Our founder decided to exit the corporate world and to venture out in search of success on his own. Immediately he was overwhelmed by the lack of educated business brokers and part time real estate agents who were trying to convince him to buy one of their listings. It was clear they were motivated by the commission check and had little or no concern about the buyer’s true needs and the need for coaching, mentoring and assisting the buyer through the entire process.

After educating himself on the process, he purchased a small business and without the aid of an Attorney, a Broker or a CPA, he completed the transition with a small down payment and a significant SBA backed loan.  Following the purchase he went right to work, documenting business processes, eliminating waste and increasing value for customers.  After three short years, he decided that implementing the processes involved in making a business successful were more rewarding than managing a successful business. Although he was only working three days a week in the office, boredom overtook him and it was time to prepare his business for sale.  

He quickly began the final preparations and placed the business on the marketplace to be sold. Nine months later he sold the business.  He was able in three years to turn a small investment into over a $1M profit. 

Having completed the sale, his focused turned to his passion, helping “good” people, find the same success that he has…

With a focus on providing buyers the information that they really need to be successful and providing sellers a path to financial success, this is what Henson Patriot is all about.