How to sell your business for the best price.

Transform your business and immediately add value

 Whether you are planning to keep your business forever or sell it in the near future, understanding the value of your business and taking steps to create a more valuable business should always be a primary focus as a business owner.

Having purchased and sold my own business in a short period of time for a substantial gain, I understand the secrets to maximizing the value of a business.  The steps to transforming your business into a desired business, that will sell at or above market pricing, are not difficult or ground breaking they do require focus, effort and time.  Unfortunately, many business owners do not have the time to focus any efforts on maximizing the value of their business.

Here is where I come in, I am a business intermediary, valuation analyst and mentor, who has a keen interest in helping you maximize the value of your business.  Here is what I do.

Business Operations Report

Review your entire operation from Sales to Invoicing. Provide a complete report that analyzes your performance as compared to your peers.

Business Financial Report

Analyze your complete financial footprint and compare each area to the standards set by the industry and the valuation provided by banks. This report will show you what Buyers, Investors and Banks will look at in placing a value on your business.

Personalized Business Action Plan

Upon review of your business and completion of the Business Operations and the Business Financial Reports, I will provide a personalized plan to provide direction and guidance in helping you transform your business into a business that is marketable and one worthy of being purchased at a great value.

Opinion of Value

Want to know what businesses like yours have sold for in the recent past. Just ask and we will provide you with a free no obligation Opinion of Value.

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